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Visualizzazione post con etichetta 666 Rothschild. Mostra tutti i post

Jeep Cherokee Gets 40 MPG with Hydrogen HHO

 Jeep Cherokee Gets 40 MPG with Hydrogen HHO Cell Kit.flv

Caricato da UniusRei3 in data 16/set/2011 ......Website recently Updated.......Lots of HHO information...............

PLEASE READ - See a few examples of how you can cofigure your hydrogen cell. The surface area and the distance between the tubes plays a big factor in your gas production. The closer the spacing, the less resistance there will be from tube to tube, thus more current can flow, thus more gas can be produced. Adding electrolites to the water lowers the resistance even more, wich causes it to produce more gas. We add Sodium Hydroxide in small amounts, a little at a time, and monitor the current (amperage). Ohms Law is working here, not rocket science, but it does require some experimenting. The cell runing in the video is using 15 amps. I have run as much as 60 amps on it. But my 60 amp alternator can not handle that for long periods unless it can be kept cool. I have not provide all of the answers for you here, but I do hope I have stired your interest.

Visit my channel to get details of all of my videos. It will be a learning experience.

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non è una testata giornalistica

non è una testata giornalistica

non è una testata giornalistica

non è una testata giornalistica

God JaBullOn and Church Bilderberg

Standing up for God: JaBullOn and the Church of Bilderberg Sorod said: La Croix International •   uniusrei@proton...